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We are proud to announce that the fourth branch of Nurture and Nature Montessori Preschool opened in January 2020 in Africa’s tallest building. The Leonardo upmarket lifestyle building stands 55 Stories high and rises some 234 meters above Sandton, towering over the richest square mile in Africa.

Building off the last 12 years of learning, the Sandton school will combine the finest of facilities with the proven Nurture and Nature learning methodology.  It is located on the fifth floor of the iconic Leonardo Hotel, together with a gym and spa as well as a heated pool and restaurant facilities. The school will comprise of two age groups, the Toddler and Preschool environments, catering for children from 18 months to 5 years old. With four beautifully spacious classrooms, the children will have the space needed to move around with ease during their Montessori work cycle and will be offered a highly personalised educational environment. A library welcomes you with a promise for learning and curiosity, and an expansive open outdoor play area, with occupational therapist designed outdoor jungle gyms, encourages movement and development. 

To ensure that our children get the healthiest and freshest meals possible. We have partnered with Paulo Santo who says,  "I take great pride in offering healthy cooked lunches for all preschool learners at Nurture and Nature at The Leonardo."

If you would like to secure a spot for your child and to book a tour, contact us for more information. 

Lee-Anne Myerson

  • 087 536 0150
  • The Leonardo, Maude Street, Sandton

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