The foundations of the Montessori methodology

Encourage natural curiosity

Full of energy, a three-year-old never stops exploring, bombarding her parents with “why’s” from the moment she wakes until her final night time breath. We recognise this natural tendency and use it motivate children to learn by guiding children to ask real meaningful questions about the world first. We then help them discover the answers.

Teach sequentially

When the child really understands, he knows the sequence of facts that demonstrate the truth of a given idea – as against just citing a book under a teacher’s authority. We want children to understand the world so they can act in it; memorized chains of words or symbols are not knowledge, and undercut motivation. Example: Mathematics: In Montessori, children learn concrete, simple number concepts with specialised tangible equipment which provide a context for how number values relate to each other before introducing numbers in an abstract form (pen and paper).

A personal touch

At Nurture and Nature Montessori, the child’s choice to learn is central to our approach: real learning (as opposed to memorizing, or engaging in “hands-on projects” without further meaning) has to be built on sincere interest of the child. To engage the child’s interest, we take his full context into account: his background knowledge, his skill level, his values and interests. This is done in 2 ways. Firstly we provide children with choice in terms of the work which they engage in during the Montessori work cycle. Secondly, we provide dedicated one- on-one teaching periods which gives children undisturbed time with their teacher in order to ensure all areas of the curriculum are covered and all questions are answered.

Apply through 'work'

To keep knowledge meaningful and fun, we create real application opportunities in each subject. Throughout, we create applications that engage the children’s minds on the topic they are learning: they think about the content we want them to remember, and thus make the knowledge their own.

Prepared environment

At Nurture and Nature Montessori we create an environment that facilitates a child's choice to work. From the child-sized furniture, to the self-correcting materials; to his choice of mats or table and work partners; from the plants and animals in the classroom, to the type of teachers we hire: everything is tailored to help the child choose to learn and to concentrate on productive work and personal development.