The Nurture and Nature lunch menu is based on a combination of nutritious recipes which are constantly updated in order to give our children as much exposure to different foods as possible. All our meals are prepared daily by our on-site chef .

We strive to reach a balance between the foods that children like and those which exhibit good nutritional value.

Our menu is based on a 10 day cycle which includes 4 vegetarian meals, 2 chicken meals, 2 fish meals and 2 beef meals.

Our school believes that nutritious meals must be a part of every child’s diet. Meal time provides a great opportunity to nutrition education as well as grace and courtesy; saying “thank you,” “please,” “you’re welcome” and passing food to other children are the basics of good mannerism. We allow the children to be seated with child sized furniture  with child sized crockery and cutlery in order to truly experience dining.

Examples of lunch include:

Cottage pie

Tuna Pasta

Chicken , rice and vegetables

Macaroni and Cheese with hidden vegetables

Examples of our aftercare snack include:

Fruit salad and yogurt

Freshly baked muffins

Provita, cucumbers and cheese